Weight: 355 g

Size: 10 x 6.5 x 3 cm

Country of origin: Peru

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Chrysocol is a calm and relaxing stone. Helps in meditation and communication. If you have it at home, it takes chrysokol negative energy of all kinds to help you react to the ever-changing situation with calm, balance and supplies of internal forces. It has a beneficial effect on relationships that become as stable and solid as rock. Crystal has a beneficial effect on the home as a whole and on the relationships between people. Chrysokol has a soothing and cleansing effect. It delivers new energy to the chakras and assists in personal connection with the higher divine world. From the solar plexus chakra removes chrysocol negative emotions (for example guilt) and changes the destructive emotional programming of the personality in the opposite. At the heart chakra level, heals heart pain and increases the ability to love. In the neck area, it improves communication, but at the same time it helps to recognize when it is better to be silent. In the third eye opens the ability of mental vision. At the psychic level, the chrysocal strengthens inner peace and serenity. It is also manifested by a growing self-confidence and sensitivity. It increases personal strength and stimulates creativity. It helps to overcome different phobias, suppresses negative emotions and gives motivation to all who lack it.

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