Hiddenite (green kunzite)
  • Hiddenite (green kunzite)
  • Hiddenite (green kunzite)

Hiddenite (green kunzite)

Weight: 13 g
Size: 4 x 2 x 0.7 cm
Color: light green
Country of origin: Pakistan
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Hiddenit is the cornerstone of development, helping individuals grow spiritually and emotionally, enhancing our knowledge of collective responsibility for the care of the Earth. It supports new beginnings and focuses on the present, helps us to surrender our past injustice or anxiety from our uncertain future. Hyddenit is often referred to in English under the names of green kunitz or Lithia emaragd. It is transparent in the form of prismatic crystals in pegmatite veins. Its color ranges from almost colorless to pale green, over yellow-green to emerald green. Hiddenit is a beautiful stone for jewelery, but its grinding is very difficult because it breaks a lot. Therefore, the price of a perfectly polished skid can be surprisingly high.

In addition to Hiddenite or green kunzite, the above mentioned spodumen forms other variants of colorless, pink, purple and yellow crystals. Transparent pink to purple varieties are known as Kunzit, while colorless to pale yellow varieties are known as Triphane. The original Kunzit has a very pale color, if it is natural with darker shades, it has a higher price. Recently, heat-treated crystals of kunzite have appeared, which have a more intense color. All types of kunzite - that is, hiddenit - are very prone to fading in direct sunlight. Hiddenit awakens and attracts true love. He puts in our hearts a loving energy. Hiddenit is a great gift for us and our partner, especially when love begins to fade away. Hiddenit helps remove the blockades in both hearts.

Hiddenit is also an excellent crystal for those who have trouble expressing their emotions or giving someone a love.

Hiddenit is a wonderful stone for children to help suppress their emotional anxieties. It can be used as a healing stone to treat family members, friends, or animals.

As a protective stone, Hiddenit scatters negativity, protects the body's aura from unwanted energies and mental influences. He can well block geopathogenic stress.

Hiddenit helps heal deep psychic wounds in the heart and is an excellent crystal for recovery from addiction and overuse of drugs and alcohol. Hiddenit helps those who have lost someone dear, whether through death or because of being away from home or because of theft. Hiddenit helps you better cope with the loss of what's been important in your life - such as at home or at work. Hiddenite is also a recovery crystal that gives hope in difficult moments.


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