Aquamarine mineral beads - fazeted
  • Aquamarine mineral beads - fazeted

Mineral beads - AQUAMARINE faceted

Convenient packaging

Beads - faceted "lenses" made of aquamarine TOP quality

The beads are strung on a string like a necklace, the diameter of individual beads is different - length 5-8 mm x width 2-4 mm

Package contains about 125 beads (may vary + - 2 pcs)

It is a natural uncoloured aquamarine in several shades of light blue

Due to the fact that it is a natural mineral, the shape, structure, size or color of individual beads may differ slightly.

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Mineral beads from cut aquamarine are suitable for the production of jewelry - such as bracelets or necklaces. When stringing beads, you will relax and still make original jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. You can freely combine with other species.


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