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Fumigation package - mussel + Palo Santo
  • Fumigation package - mussel + Palo Santo
  • Fumigation package - mussel + Palo Santo

Natural mussel (freshwater mussel) with Palo Santo fumigant


Special package suitable for smoking - mother-of-pearl shells and Palo Santo sacred wood

The package contains:

* natural pearl mussel shells with real pearls attached to the wall (approx. 15-17 cm length, approx. 11-12 cm width - dimensions may vary slightly depending on the shell)

* Palo Santo fume stick 50 g (depending on the size of the stick approx. 3-4 pcs in a package)

450.00 Kč
Tax included
In stock


Bursera graveolens is a sacred tree growing in South America, where it is also shown due respect. This tree is better known as Palo Santo, which means "sacred wood" in Spanish. The scent of Palo Santo is soothing, evokes a calm atmosphere, helps cleanse the interior of negative energies and is also suitable for use before meditation.

Natural pearl mussel shells - traditionally used by Indians and shamans in various rituals or smoking. A small layer of sand or sea salt is poured on the bottom of the shell, on which an inflamed herb or fragrant wood is placed and allowed to smolder. You can then spread the smoke, for example, with a bird's pen or a fan. Warning: of course be careful when handling and do not leave it unattended.

Smoking can become your daily ritual, or you can only practice it on special occasions. A very pleasant atmosphere is conjured by an incense stick or smoker, for example, before our daily yoga practice or meditation. Based on your activity, activity or intention, choose whether the appropriate scent will be relaxing, anti-stress, soothing or, on the contrary, encouraging and energetic. In addition to aromatherapeutic effects, fumigants and incense sticks have a cleansing and disinfecting function.
IMPORTANT: Always light fumes and sticks in well-ventilated rooms, do not inhale or inhale smoke.
Keep in mind that you are working with an open fire (a lighted stick, a stick, or carbon in an incense burner or a smoking shell), so never leave them unattended !! Also watch where you place these items, the bowls may be hot from the bottom.

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