Rubelite/red tourmaline
  • Rubelite/red tourmaline
  • Rubelite/red tourmaline
  • Rubelite/red tourmaline


Rodochrosite - cabochon

Weight: 7 g

Country of origin: Argentina

Size: 2.7 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm

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The Red Tourmaline (Rubelit) is a renowned stone of power. Especially over your own life. Rubelit can activate energy at moments when we need to promote, achieve recognition, lead people, present themselves. It is therefore understandable why the red tourmaline came to the central position in the St. Wenceslas crown (this is not a ruby, as originally assumed wrongly).

Red tourmalines (and other tourmalines) are used in Feng Shui wherever you need to balance yin and yang energy. As a strong protective stone, we place the tourmaline near the front door, where we work or we most often find.

Rubelit is able to greatly support the achievement of goals, in career, even in moments of groping "what next".

In Feng Shui in the bedroom, this stone brings the greatest benefit to the need for increased sexual energy and libido. It serves as a source of inspiration, new ideas, and creative intentions. Rubelite, like a ruby, brings plenty. Rubelit strengthens the ability to understand love, enhances tacit behavior and adaptability. It stimulates the appetite for social life and the inclination to the extrovert behavior, while balancing excessive aggression with over-passivity. It heals the energy of spiritual chakras and enhances creative abilities at all levels. Its color offers life force and endurance. During treatment, the red tourmaline delivers vitality to the physical body and removes toxic substances. It heals digestion, bloodstream, and reproductive system. It stimulates blood circulation, spleen and liver function. Helps blood vessels. It will help with muscle cramps and chills.


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