Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India
  • Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India
  • Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India
  • Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India
  • Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India
  • Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India

Sapphire natural raw crystal 22,2g, India

Sapphire natural raw crystal

Weight: 22.2g

Dimensions: 2.90 x 2.34 x 1.46 cm

Color: blue-gray

Country of origin: India

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The name sapphire comes from the Greek word 'sappheiros' or 'sapphirus', which is derived from the Hebrew 'Sappire' and means blue. Sapphire is a kind of mineral corundum, just like a red ruby. So we can say that sapphire is a blue ruby ​​brother. Sapphire is right next to the diamond, the second hardest gem in the world, just like the ruby ​​is number 9 on the Mohs scale.

Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom, each color having a connection with specific knowledge. It allows concentration, soothes the mind and relieves it of undesirable thoughts and mental tension. Sapphire brings calmness and certainty to mind, bringing into harmony the physical, intellectual and spiritual plane while maintaining balance within the body. This crystal suppresses depression and spiritual confusion. Supports concentration. It brings prosperity and attracts to the owner gifts of all kinds. Lying on the throat removes disappointment and helps express your self.

Location: Touch the body. You can wear the sapphire on your finger or place it as desired on any part of your body.

Special colors:

In addition to common species, each of the following sapphire colors adds the following features:

The black sapphire provides protection and a clear targeting of your pilgrimage. It embodies the owner's confidence in his or her own ability. Stone enhances job prospects and helps keep your job.

The blue sapphire is a seeker of spiritual truth. It is traditionally associated with love and immaculateness. It is an extremely effective stone in terms of the healing of Earth and chakras. This tranquil stone helps to stay on its own spiritual path. It is used in shamanic ceremonies to repel negative energies. Opens space for healing the chakras and the thyroid gland. It facilitates self-expression and self-proclaiming.

Green sapphire improves eyesight (external and internal) and helps evoke memories of dreams. It supports the activity of the heart chakra, brings fidelity and develops personality integrity. This crystal enhances the compassion and understanding of weakness as well as the unique qualities of others. It rewards faith and reverence revealed by other people's beliefs.

Pink sapphire works as a magnet that can bring to life all you need for further development. It is a fast acting stone that teaches you to control your own feelings. It can eliminate emotion blocking and take advantage of the energy that has gone through the transformation.

Purple sapphire brings awakening. It helps in meditation, stimulates the development of the kundalini, the activity of the crown chakra and the opening to spiritual influences. This stone activates the shingle together with its interconnection with mental capabilities. It stimulates the ability of the believer. It can be extremely good at reassuring mentally unstable individuals.

The Royal Sapphire removes negative energy from chakras. At the same time, it stimulates the operation of the third eye in order to be able to receive the information needed for further growth. This stone teaches responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. It treats brain disorders including dyslexia.

Starfish sapphire has deeply hidden matter in the shape of a five-pointed star. This is a rare sapphire that takes you into your depths and opens your intuition. It brings concentration to mind and helps to predict the future behavior of other people. He believes he maintains contact with extraterrestrial beings.

The white sapphire features extraordinary pure energy. It opens the crown chakra and brings a spiritual consciousness that is capable of enormous space. It frees the way to cosmic wisdom. It is a stone offering extremely strong protection from all the obstacles that lie on your spiritual pilgrimage. Helps you to access your potential and the meaning of life.

The yellow sapphire attracts wealth to the home. It can be placed at the cash desk to ensure increased prosperity and earnings. If you carry it with you, it should touch the body. The yellow sapphire stimulates the power of reason and increases the overall focus on the wider picture of the things around us. In the form of an elixir, it removes poisonous substances from the body.


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