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We are pleased to welcome you to our internet shop.

We believe the power of nature, we are part of it and we also approach it. With respect and humility. We believe in its excellence! That's why we offer only stones, natural, not heat-treated!

We select all precious stones and minerals personally, in different countries around the world. We have visited innumerable deposits and down. Here you will find really unique pieces! We are looking for those that are not so easy to access and that is why we can offer you stones and minerals that you will not find elsewhere! You always get the mineral that is shown in the photo!

Stones are our passion for many years. And thanks to many years of experience we can offer you the best. We also want to advise you on what to do. We greatly appreciate our customers and do our utmost for your satisfaction.
The precious stones, their strength and their energy, have already known many civilizations before us. They used them not only to decorate the body, temples and sacred places, but also to various rituals and healing purposes. In many countries these practices are commonplace even today.

So which stone will be yours?