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Property rights legal clause

The server is, in part and in its entirety, the author's work. Exclusive rights to all materials, texts and photographs are the property of the operator AURAWISE Ltd. No part of this website images, banners, logos, texts, parameters, business conditions or other parts of the e-shop (including all materials posted on social networks Facebook, Instagram and YouToube), unless otherwise stated , in whole or in part, may not be copied or otherwise reproduced without the express consent of the server operator AURAWISE Ltd. This issue is addressed by Act No. 121/2000 Coll. - Act on Copyright, on Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Copyright Act).

Photography as an author's work

The law defines as an author's work everything that is a unique result of the author's activity and can be objectively perceived in any form. So every photo you create is your work, even if you don't consider your photo to be a work of art.

By publishing, copying, distributing or in any way using texts or photographs from the server and without the consent of the copyright owner, you may be exposed to the subsequent legal and criminal consequences (§150 and §152) of such illegal conduct .