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Gemstones (precious stones, semi-precious stones)
Gemstones (precious stones, semi-precious stones)

Gemstones (precious stones, semi-precious stones)

We are one of the largest sellers of jewelry stones in the Czech Republic. The vast majority of cut stones are certified by the internationally recognized gemological laboratories GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute).

In stock, a wide range of precious stones such as rare ALEXANDRITES - including ALEXANDRITES with the effect of the so-called "CAT'S EYE EFECT"SAPPHIRES - all color varieties, including rare PADPARADSCHA sapphire or STAR SAPPHIREEMERALDS, SPINELS, TOPAZES, TOURMALINES, RHODOLITES , AQUAMARINES, PRECIOUS OPALS and more.

 Are you a goldsmith, jeweler, jewelry designer? Do not hesitate to contact us for the possibility of buying cut stones at wholesale prices.

 We are constantly adding this category. Are you looking for a specific stone? Write us your requirements by e-mail, and we will contact you with the current offer

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