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Calcite is a kneeling mineral. Crystalline calcite originates primarily on hydrothermal veins of various origins, often forming massive fillings or crystals in the cavities. It occurs separately and together with many other minerals, common for example on red veins. On clear calcite, the specific optical property of calcite, a relatively high light bridging light, is well evident. The name calcite comes from the Latin "calx", which means "lime". This stone occurs in a large number of color variations. In ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and Rome, the so-called "golden onyx" was popular. The Romans made beautiful statues, mosaics, and so on. the Icelandic limestone was used by the Vikings - their voyages determined the position of the Sun in the sky covered with clouds.

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Calcite blue tactile 134g,...

Calcite blue tactileWeight: 134 gDimensions: 5.46 x 5.23 x 2.90 cmColor: blueCountry of manufacture: MadagascarYou...

Calcite blue tactile 186g,...

Calcite blue tactileWeight: 186 gDimensions: 6.65 x 5.29 x 3.44 cmColor: blueCountry of manufacture: MadagascarYou...

Calcite blue tactile 174g,...

Calcite blue tactileWeight: 174 gDimensions: 5.85 x 5.11 x 3.83 cmColor: blueCountry of manufacture: MadagascarYou...
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