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Olivine (peridote)
Olivine (peridote)

Olivine (peridote)

Olivine (peridot) is a diamond-shaped mineral with varying amounts of magnesium and iron, depending on the conditions of its occurrence. It is the iron that causes the green color of the stone. Olivine is formed by crystallisation from magma with a low silicon content. Named after the olive-green color, which combined the words olive and green (in English the word green), but his name was confused several times. The ancient Romans used the name of Topazos according to the island where they were mined, and the French jewelers later used the name peridot. Outside of the Earth, Olivine was also found on Mars (where he found and identified the Opportunity robot), and apparently also found in the cloak of the Asteroid.
Gemstone variety of olivine is called chrysolite - according to the Greek words chrysos = gold and lithos = stone. The hardness of the olivine is 6.5 to 7 Mohs scale. The most common is yellow-green, olive, yellow and brown. He has been used in Egypt since ancient times as a protective stone against spirits and negative energies.

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