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Rosequartz is a translucent to transparent variety of quartz with pink color. Usually they do not form crystals (if they are, so long as their length does not exceed 1 cm), they occur in the form of massive aggregates. The pink color complements the traces of manganese and the milky appearance of the needle-like inclusion rutile. Crystals of rose quartz are very rare; it is usually in the form of integral pieces that can be cut or cut in the form of lentils or beads. Transparent material is rare; rosary is usually turbid or cracked, partly because it is brittle. Closures of rutile in rosin may create an asterisk effect when the stone is polished in the shape of a lens. From an esoteric point of view, it promotes love and tenderness, and helps in shyness. It also states that it develops mental creativity and revives fantasy, helps with neuroses and anxiety states.

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