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Pyrite (also iron pyrite or ferrous iron, ferric chemical disulfide) is a very plentiful mineral and important iron ore. Usually it has a golden color, which is sometimes mistaken for gold, so sometimes it's called gold fools or cat gold. Often, however, they may appear with a greenish tinge, or metallic blue, red and green coatings, which are professionally called start colors. It is the most widespread sulfide in the earth's crust at all. The name pyrite comes from Greek and is derived from the word fire, because sparks often fly from it. Its chemical name is iron disulfide. Most often, it is grainy, lumpy, ingrained, but occasionally it can also be found in the form of radially rays, tubers or kidney-like aggregates. Often there are well-constrained crystals in the shape of a cube. Gold is recognized by a different scratch, which has blackness and is not dull. Compared to chalcopyrite, it has a higher hardness. Pyrite exposed to outdoor influences is converted to limonite and sulfuric acid or sulphate. When hammering, it is possible to feel the characteristic smell of sulfur and see the sparks. 

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