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Astrophyllite is a natural mineral belonging to the group of silicates


Astrophyllite is an energy-efficient stone that shines the light of your mind and soul. This beautiful crystal will help you love and appreciate yourself. Astrophyllith also helps you to cope more easily with the difficult situations in your life and helps you reconcile with the things that have happened to your life yet and which you have not yet managed to deal with, things that are still heavy and troublesome for you.

Astrophyllith is often referred to as "Stone of Marriage" because it promotes loyalty, truth, and total sincerity among partners in the relationship. It is a "calm and honest" stone that brings knowledge to your life and helps you make the vital living changes you have hitherto defended yourself. And since astrophyllith is literally the stone of light, its light and pure energy will be a sort of "light" on your life.

 Astrophyllite creates star-shaped aggregates that have also given this stone the name. The name astrophylit comes from Greek, consisting of two words: astron, meaning "star" and phyllon, which means "leaf". Astrophyllite is a soft and brittle mineral with a hardness of 3-4 on the Mohs scale. It was first discovered in 1854 in Norway.

Although it is relatively affordable on the market, astrophyllith is a relatively rare stone because it is found only in a few places in the world, especially in the Colombian peninsula in Russia. Apart from Russia, there are only a few locations in Canada (Qubec Province), the USA (Colorado), Norway and Greenland.

Astrophyllite is found in shades of golden yellow, bronze or even copper. Indeed, unique pieces sometimes have a flash of blue color. Astrophyllite is unbelievably beautiful in its raw state because its needles reflect light, and astrophyllith is literally glittering with flash of copper or bronze. Its needles create a beautiful ornamental contrast with the light subsoil in which they are located. Astrophyllite is indeed a very decorative stone, so it is so popular especially in the production of jewelery, where it is mainly used in the raw state.

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