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Quartz - cut or polished
Crystal - minerals, crystals, mineral jewelry, Minerals-stones

Quartz - cut or polished

Crystal is a colorless quartz (SiO2) variety. It usually occurs in the form of crystals in a hexagonal crystal system with a hardness of 6.5-7.5 Mohs scale. It is formed like most silicates by crystallization from magma. Crystal is a widely used stone in the jewelry industry (mostly with paddles), in laser technology and radio engineering, in the manufacture of optical instruments and in the glass industry. It is popular as a collection stone. Crystal is a colorless variety of silica. Crystal consists of crystals and their coalescing. The more precious crystal formations are the “scepter crystal”. These are crystals that have been encapsulated by surrounding impurities during the formation of the crystal at lower levels and stopped its growth. Thus, crystal growth could only continue at a single point at the most active point-crystal top. Thanks to this, a scepter-shaped formation was created. However, this formation is rather characteristic of amethyst, where the reason is the growth of iron, which is an additive in crystal. . The most beautiful hairlines come from Brazil and mines in the Urals, Russia. A similar phenomenon occurs in citrine, where the structure is gaseous or water inclusions, and when illuminated against direct light, look like a "golden rain". At a certain stage of growth, crystal served as a basis for the growth of crystals of another mineral. The growing crystal then discarded some of the crystals and wrapped or absorbed the other crystals, thus becoming crystals in the enclosure, marking the crystal growth zone. Phantoms are also found in other minerals, such as calcite. People in the Neolithic have used crystal fragments as sharp spikes of arrows and spears. According to ancient legends, the gods drank wine only from crystal goblets. Therefore, in ancient Rome, crystal jugs and goblets were regarded as luxury items, and boasted only the richest and emperors. Rumor has it that Emperor Nero began to lose his power after he broke his collection of crystal goblets in a fit of anger

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