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Moldavite - pendant


Original handmade moldavite jewelry. The hanging lug or bezel is made of pure AG925 silver. Some moldavites are left in their natural state, others are decorated with so-called glyptics - that is, artistic hand carving.

Moldavite is a precious stone, a natural green colored glass with a characteristic surface structure called sculpting. Moldavites are the only European tektites, rocks formed as a result of a meteorite impact. According to the most likely theory, moldavites were formed together with the formation of the Rieské Crater, which can be found between Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich and in which the medieval town of Nördlingen is located. The entire crater has an oval shape resembling a hexagon with rounded shapes. The Swabian tectonic line runs through the middle of the Rieské Crater, which is very clearly visible in its western part. The diameter of the crater is 24 kilometers. It is estimated that the Riesk meteorite measured about 1 kilometer in diameter. Similar to other impact sites, this crater is not the only one in the area (36 kilometers to the southwest is the Steinheim crater with a diameter of 3.8 kilometers, which indicates the disintegration of one body into two during flight through the atmosphere, or the entry of two bodies into the atmosphere).

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