K2 - Azurite in granite

Azurite in granite, or K2 mineral, comes from the foot of the magical mountain K2, the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan.
Azurite is a basic copper carbonate. The formula is Cu 3 (CO 3) 2 (OH) 2. The typical color is blue, according to which the mineral was called French mineralogist Francois Bendaut in 1824. The name comes from the Persian word "lazhward", blue.
Granites, also granites, are igneous rocks containing a substantial amount of quartz. Granites are usually bright, greyish or whitish, sometimes with a blue tint. Of course, yellow, pink and red species are also known. Granites are evenly omnidirectionally granular (eugranitic), sometimes porphyric. The structure is hypidiomorphically grainy. Nowadays, the term "granite" is used exclusively in professional terminology. The name comes from the Latin word granum, meaning "grain", a term used to refer to grainy, crystalline rocks.

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