Superseven (Super 7)

Super7 (Superseven, Sacred Seven, Melodystone) is a transparent to opaque stone that can have several colors: from brown, through orange and purple to red. This precious stone is composed of a different ratio of 7 stones: bark, amethyst, sagenite (rutile in crystal), goethite, lepidocrocite, quartz and cacoxen. The very different ratios of these stones give rise to the unique Super 7 mineral color.

The location of this unique piece can be found in Brazil and the United States. Super Seven is even more unique because its site is almost exhausted and stone is available on the market only in limited quantities.

One of the major and very important precious stones in Super 7 is Cacoxen. Kakoxen is a rare minerals group of phosphates that has been known since 1825 and has been described just in the Czech Republic in the Hrbek mine.

 It is widely used in jewelery.

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