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Lapis lazuli/lazurite
Lapis lazuli - minerals, crystals, mineral jewelry, collection stones

Lapis lazuli/lazurite

Lapis lazuli is a rock, a precious stone that has been valued since antiquity for its distinctive blue color. Lapis lazuli usually occurs as a composite of blue lazurit, furthermore of calcite, sodalite, pyrite, augite and other admixtures. It is abundant in Afghanistan, Russia near Lake Baikal and Chile. Most of it is found in the abundant deposits of pyritu.Lapis lazuli, also known as lazurit, in jewelery is very popular gorgeous blue stone. The best lapis lazuli is dark blue with tiny golden spots made of pyrite. With a bit of fantasy, we can imagine the quality lapis as a dark blue stone sprinkled with golden sequins. On the other hand, white limestone veins are clearly visible in lesser quality lapis. In general, it is possible to say that lapis lazuli is darker and contains visible grains of pyrite that shines golden in the sun, it is also better quality, rare and more expensive. In Chile lapis lazuli is considered a national stone. From a mythological point of view lapis is considered very a powerful stone. Some beauties even claim to have been used in traditional shamanic and witch rituals. Lapis was also used to decorate the golden postmortem mask of Tutankhamun.

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