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Vanadinite is one of the rarer minerals. It was named after the element it contains - vanadium. It is formed by the oxidation of lead ore deposits such as galena and usually occurs together with other minerals such as cerusite, wulfenite, limonite and barite. They form tabular to columnar crystals, kidney-shaped or fibrous aggregates. Vanadinite usually has a bright red, orange to brownish color, in places it can be colored up to yellow or be colorless. Vanadinite deposits were first discovered in 1801 in Mexico and have since been discovered in South America, Europe, Africa and North America. The most beautiful and aesthetically most desirable samples come from Morocco.

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Vanadinite mineral 52,1g,...

Vanadinite extra quality compound of smaller undamaged crystals, orange color. A wonderful piece to the...

Vanadinite mineral 362g,...

Vanadinite crystals of orange-red color. A wonderful piece to the collection.Weight: 362 gStone size: 9.65 x 8.49 x...
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