Topaz was named after the legendary island of Topazios, which lies on the coast of Egypt, or the Sanskrit word 'tapas', which means heat or fire. Topaz excels in an exceptionally wide color scheme, which, besides the classic brown, includes various saturated shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.


Color clear, wine yellow, honey, pink, brownish, bluish
The appearance of the crystal is stretched in column
The diamond system
Hardness 8
Glossy glass
Scatter by base
Refractive index ??
Scratch white
Density 3.5 - 3.6 g / cm³

Topaz - 1,93 ct

Natural blue topaz GIA certificateWeight: 1.93 ctDimensions: 10.98 x 7.22 x 2.87 mmColor: light blue...

Topaz - 1,55 ct

Natural blue topazGIA certificateWeight: 1.55 ctDimensions: 8.57 x 6.02 x 4.80 mmColor: light blue (unheated)Shape:...