Amethyst is a mineral, a variety of quartz of various shades of purple color. Amethyst is counted among precious stones, is a favorite material for making various ornaments and jewelery. It is mainly found in the cavities of basic rocks (geodes). Amethyst has a color from purple to purple. Some amethysts are transparent, others are translucent, other opaque, opaque. Because of their color they are very popular.

Amethyst is one of the most precious gems of the mineralogical group of quartz, and its purple hue is due to the trace amounts of iron and aluminum. Purple color has been considered one of the symbols of the royal status since time immemorial, so amethyst has become part of a number of coronation jewels.

The jewelery has been of amethyst since ancient times. Amethyst beads are known from the ancient civilizations of Mohendzhador, Egypt, Sumer, and Baktrie in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Color violet
Crystal appearance of columnar, hexagonal crystals
The cranial system
Hardness 7
Glossy glass
Scarcity dishonest
Refractive index 1.54 (o) / 1.55 (e)
Scratch white
Density 2.6 g / cm³
Solubility of hydrofluoric acid
Other uneven or lasting quarry

Amethyst cut 3,99 ct, Sri Lanka
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Amethyst cut 3,99 ct, Sri...

Amethyst - 3.99 ctNatural amethystWeight: 3.99 ctDimensions: 1.23 x 0.83 x 0.69 mmColor: Purple - VioletCountry of...
Amethyst cut 4,57 ct, Sri Lanka
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Amethyst cut 4,57 ct, Sri...

Cut amethyst - 4.57 ctNatural amethyst, unheatedWeight: 4.57 ctDimensions: 1.12 x 0.84 x 0.73 mmColor: Purple -...
Amethyst cut 3,01 ct, Sri Lanka
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Amethyst cut 3,01 ct, Sri...

Cut amethyst - 3.01 ctNatural amethyst, unheatedWeight: 3.01 ctDimensions: 1.06 x 0.85 x 0.63 mmColor: Purple -...
Amethyst cut 8,63 ct, Sri Lanka
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Amethyst cut 8,63 ct, Sri...

Cut amethyst - 8.63 ctNatural amethyst, unheatedWeight: 8.63 ctDimensions: 1.61 x 1.18 x 0.86 mmColor: Purple -...