Topaz - Top quality (jewelery)
Beautiful natural crystal, collection unique piece
- 84g
- 4 x 3.5 x 3 cm

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Topaz protects against negativity and mild fear, anger and depression. It brings joy and abundance and strengthens health, thereby also preventing nightmares and sleeplessness. It favors fate and helps achieve the goals set. Besides wealth and protection, the owner also brings love and inner wisdom. It is also used to gain friendship and improve existing relationships.

The golden variety increases charisma and belief in one's own abilities. At the same time it has beneficial effects on the liver, bladder and endocrine glands. Blue Topaz promotes communication and meditation, pink removes bad behavioral patterns and brings life to hope and healing.

Topaz generally improves appetite, promotes digestion, and helps fight anorexia. It mitigates the symptoms of respiratory tract illnesses and speeds up recovery. Because the stone always combines with the energy of the Sun of Fire, it represents enthusiasm, enlightenment, warmth and activity.

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