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Opal Cabochon 11,84ct Ethiopia
  • Opal Cabochon 11,84ct Ethiopia
  • Opal Cabochon 11,84ct Ethiopia
  • Opal Cabochon 11,84ct Ethiopia

Opal Cabochon 11,84ct Ethiopia


Ethiopian opal - cabochon suitable for jewelry, collections and as an investment. Super price and size of opal.

Weight: 11.84 ct

Dimensions: 1.89 x 1.44 x 0.97 cm

Country of origin: Ethiopia

You always buy the mineral shown in the photo from us!

8,900.00 Kč
Tax included
In stock


Precious opal - the rarest, most sought after and also the most valuable. These are natural opals that were formed either by the weathering process (Australia) or by volcanic activity (eg Slovakia, Ethiopia) and have the ability to opalescent. Ie. that the incident light radiation decomposes in the spectrum of monochromatic light radiation, which the human eye perceives as spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, blue and purple). This "play of colors" or color change, as it is also popularly called opalescence, then creates an incredible kaleidoscope of color patterns and changes. For this property, natural expensive opals are sought after especially in jewelry stores for jewelry purposes.

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